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A pandemia mudou os hábitos digitais dos nossos estudantes?? ou não?

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Todos ficamos com a sensação que os nossos estudantes e professores se tornaram "mais digitais" à custa da pandemia. Terá sido mesmo assim? E o que restará no fim?

Students Used More Digital Course Materials During Pandemic

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In 2020-2021, the majority of college students (58 percent) used digital course materials more than in the previous year, according to a survey from the National Association of College Stores (NACS). Just 6 percent of students said they used digital materials less.

terça-feira, setembro 14, 2021

Competências digitais essenciais aos docentes

Depois da pandemia Covid 19 resta pensar o que podemos aproveitar para que os nossos contextos de aprendizagem mudem de forma a melhorar as aprendizagens dos alunos.
Fica esta reflexão... é mais do que tecnologia !

4 Essential Digital Skills for Teachers in 2021

The current pandemic and the havoc it wrecked upon our lives have radically transformed the way we teach and learn. Hybrid (flipped) learning and remote and distance teaching have become the norm. More than ever before teachers and educators are becoming increasingly dependent on the power of digital and web technologies to conduct their daily teaching and to take part in virtual professional development events. With this being the case, I engaged in a deep reflection on the question of what counts as essential digital skills in (post)pandemic era and came up with categories below. In broader terms, these are the skills teachers and educators need to thrive in a digitally-mediated education. I invite you to check them out and share with me your feedback.

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5 razões para usar tecnologias digitais na sala de aula...há mais, mas

It might have been long coming, but one fact is becoming quite clear. Traditional classrooms can no longer keep up with growing technology today. For example, one factor contributing to this trend is the fast-paced development of educational games for kids and online educational games for kids.

Still, many teaching concepts cling to traditional schooling. The opponents of the change point to the possibility that technology in the classroom could promote cheating. Possibly, but the facts that speak about the need to use modern technology in the classroom are more overwhelming.

Current trends and events give ample reasons this change is inevitable. Even before March 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, trends in modern technology showed the positive elements of its use in the classroom.


quinta-feira, agosto 26, 2021

Ferramentas digitais a ter em conta neste início de ano letivo

The world of EdTech is constantly evolving as more and more new updates and tools are being released almost on a daily basis. It is hard to keep up with everything hence the importance of curated lists such as the one below.
Just in time for the back to school event, a number of key EdTech platforms have released important updates that I believe you should be aware of. I collected some of these updates and included them in the list below.

quinta-feira, junho 17, 2021

O impacto da pandemia no uso de tecnologia na Escola

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How the Pandemic Boosted Ed Tech Adoption

Apesar de estar relacionado com o ensino superior nos USA, podemos pensar nas semelhanças com o nossos sistema de ensino.

  • By Rhea Kelly
  • 06/08/21
  • Mainstream education technology adoption: Pre-2020, 2020 and 2021

    Mainstream education technology adoption: Pre-2020, 2020 and 2021. Source: "The Changing Landscape of Online Education, 2021" from Quality Matters and Eduventures Research.

    sexta-feira, abril 23, 2021

    Gravação de ecrãs...recomendado para professores em tempos de pandemia...ou não !

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    4 Good Screen Recording Tools for Teachers

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    One way to boost your distance teaching during (and post) this pandemic is through  creating and sharing screencasts and instruction videos with your students. In today's post we are sharing with you some of our favourite Chrome applications that you can use to record your screen and create instructional video materials to share with your students or embed in your virtual class.

    Using these extension will enable you to create video tutorials, step-by step guides, video explainers, and many more. Depending on which of them you use, these applications differ on the kind of features they provide and also on how much you can do with their free versions. However, for better screencasts and educational how-to videos we recommend that you choose a service that allows you to: include your webcam in the recording, integrate voice-overs or narrate using your voice,  access annotation tools (eg. add text, circles, draw, doodle, etc). Here are our recommendations:

    quinta-feira, abril 22, 2021

    Muito foco na "perda de aprendizagens" será um erro histórico...

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    Too Much Focus on ‘Learning Loss’ Will Be a Historic Mistake

    Era bom fazer um levantamento sério sobre as perdas de aprendizagem e como elas se reflectem no futuro. provavelmente haverá outro tipo de perdas que a pandemia provocou e de que não se fala...

    Learning loss is real and needs to be addressed, but how we go about it should be commensurate with the size of the moment.

    April 16, 2021

    Despite the understandable skepticism—and all the adjustments and sacrifices we've grown accustomed to—a sort of miracle is materializing in the distance. Published reports from the Centers for Disease Control suggest that the vaccines are doing their slow, steady work, and just a few days ago the state of California announced that they expect to be “fully back to business by June 15.” The siege appears to be lifting, and this time a full return to schools across the nation, while perhaps months away, is almost certainly not a mirage.