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Vídeos educacionais para crianças - No youtube: para explorar

Excellent YouTube Channels That Provide Educational Video Content for Kids
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By Med Kharbach, PhD August 12, 2022 Youtube channels for kids
In today's post, I am sharing with you this collection of YouTube channels that provide educational video content for kids. These channels cover a wide variety of educational topics including math, literacy, geography, science, physics, nature, astronomy, history, among others.

Teachers can use video content from these channels to engage students in creative hands-on activities and help them explore the world around them in fun and engaging ways. These channels also provide access to fun educational videos and interactive learning videos that can help enhance kids learning potential and boost their motivations and participation.

1. Nat Geo Kids
National Geograohic Kids is a YouTube channel that offers educational video content designed

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Como promover aprendizagem ativa em turmas com muitos alunos... vale a pena ler :-)

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Low-Risk Strategies to Promote Active Learning in Large Classes
August 5, 2022
Meixun Sinky Zheng, PhD

This article first appeared in the Teaching Professor on March 7, 2018. © Magna Publications. All rights reserved.

Faculty who teach large classes confront the long-existing challenge of making their lectures more engaging and meaningful. In this article, I will share some low-risk strategies to help faculty transform lectures into student-centered learning experiences for enhanced learning outcomes.

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O vídeo usado como motivador e como instrumento de aprendizagem

Does Video Improve Engagement and Learning ?

Does Video Improve Engagement and Learning?

Engagement And Learning: Is The Role of The Video So Catalytic?

A Huffington Post article title tells us that Research Confirms Video Improves Learning Results. According to the article, the author asked 500 learning practitioners if they believed that video improves learning outcomes. He measured respondents’ opinions of video. No learning outcomes were measured.

Ferramentas web de anotação online - dedicadas em especial a professores e alunos

Best Web Annotation Tools and Apps for Teachers and Students

By Med Kharbach, PhD May 24, 2022 web annotating tools
Annotation is a great way to capture and record your thoughts as you interact with reading resources (e.g., web pages, documents, PDFs, images, and videos). Annotation also offers a deeper level of engagement with text and is one of the efficient strategies for close and critical reading.

Annotating, as Porter-O’Donnell (2004) stated, is “a writing-to-learn strategy for use while reading or re-reading…[It] helps readers reach a deeper level of engagement and promotes active reading. It makes the reader’s “dialogue with the text” (Probst) a visible record of the thoughts that emerge while making sense of the reading” (p. 82).

Besides enhancing one’s comprehension of a text, annotation is also a great way to promote collaborative team work. Students working on the same project can record their comments at the margins of their reading documents then share their annotated docs with their collaborators and engage in interactive discussions.

There is a wide variety of web tools and mobile apps you can use to annotate web content and PDFs. Below is a collection of some of the best annotation tools and apps I recommend for teachers and students. I organized these resources into three main categories: web-based tools, PDF apps, and Screenshot tools.

I. Web-based annotation tools
These are web tools and Chrome extensions that you can use to add annotations to websites.

1. InsertLearning
InsertLearning enables you to easily markup any web page and transform it into an interactive document by inserting various videos, questions, discussions, and more. Students can easily access your annotations by visiting that website. They can respond to your questions, engage in discussions and add

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Conceitos básicos do digital no mundo da educação

Key Educational Technology Concepts Teachers Should Know About

By Med Kharbach, PhD June 13, 2022 Educational technology concepts
Educational technology is a dynamic field of research and study. This dynamism stems mainly from the constant flow of new educational web technologies and the emergence of novel educational technology concepts that provide theoretical underpinnings for these technologies. The challenge for teachers is not only in keeping up with this fast moving trend but also with understanding the basic foundational concepts without which any talk about educational technology integration in class would be futile.

Being aware of the various educational terms and concepts out there is an important step towards making the best of technology in your instruction. To this end, I am sharing with you this collection of resources where you can access definitions of the key educational technology concepts that are now in vogue in the world of education.

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Para criar Websites para a sua turma ou seu grupo de trabalho

Estão aqui algumas soluções simples que não lhe vão permitir ter desculpas para não criar espaços e contextos de aprendizagem e partilha

Best Platforms to Create A Classroom Website and Blog
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By Med Kharbach, PhD July 02, 2022 Using blogs in teaching
Creating a digital presence for your class is now a required pedagogical investment to help you boost your teaching and enhance students learning. Now that the world is going digital, having a virtual space where you and your students create, discuss, and share learning resources can do wonders to your teaching.

A classroom website is much more than a mere portal to your classroom, it is a learning hub where students unleash their creative thinking, connect learning to their own individual experiences, and develop strong digital and multimedia literacies while working towards becoming better digital citizens.

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Jogos de matemática para crianças

Cool Math Games- Free Online Math Games for Kids and Students

Cool Math Games offers access to a wide range of free math challenges that help students sharpen their mathematical skills. These include free thinking, strategy, and logic games. Cool Math games are student friendly and can be used in school and at home. 'There’s never violence, empty action, or inappropriate language – just a wide range of logic and strategy puzzles that’ll make you forget you're getting a mental workout.'

Image source: Google Play

Cool Math Games is part of the Cool Math network which includes, besides Cool Math games, (offers math lessons and explanations on topics spanning algebra, pre-calculus, decimals, properties, factors, and more), and Coolmath4Kids (offers math resources for kids 12 and under).

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Timelines inspiradores

As ferramentas de timelines têm potencial enorme para aplicações em educação.
Ficam aqui 31 exemplos retirados daqui.

20+ Interactive Timeline Examples for E-Learning Designers #369

Timeline Examples in E-Learning RECAP #369: Challenge | Recap

This week's challenge asked course designers to share examples of timeline interactions and how they use timelines in e-learning.

Michael Palko

Michael Palko

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