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Há mais para além do Youtube - algumas alternativas

Best YouTube Alternatives for School

By Med Kharbach, PhD January 08, 2023 youtube tools

Youtube is a great video website that since its introduction in 2015 has revolutionized the media world in unprecedented ways. Millions of content creators are using YouTube to share their works and reach audiences from all around the world. Unfortunately, YouTube does come with a number of distracting and sometimes outright inappropriate elements that make several school districts restrict its access. If it happens that your school enacts a YouTube-free policy within its premises, the options below are good alternative video websites to try out.

1. TED Talks TED Talks is one of the best alternatives to YouTube especially for use in schools. It is my go to platform for quality educational video content. TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to spread innovative ideas through short lectures and presentations by leading experts from different fields.

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Aplicações mais que úteis para a Escola - um olhar global

Top 80 Apps for Schools
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By Med Kharbach, PhD January 21, 2023 Apps for schools

With the growing use of technology in education, it's becoming increasingly important for schools to be up-to-date with the latest apps and teaching tools. There is no shortage of educational apps available today, but choosing the right ones can be tricky. Which ones are worth investing in?

With so many powerful resources out there it can be hard to decide which ones will suit your classroom or school setting best. That’s why I have compiled a list of what I think, based on my long experience of reviewing hundreds of edtech apps, are some of the best apps for schools!

The best learning apps are those that offer a friendly user experience, are fun to use, and offer engaging content. These are apps that should help you learn something new, not just reinforce what you already know. The best learning apps also have lots of features so that they can be used in a variety of ways and can attend to different learning styles.

The school apps I collected for you in this post can be a great resource for teaching and learning in the classroom. By using them both in the classroom and outside of it, teachers can ensure that teaching is effective and efficient, while also making learning more enjoyable and engaging for all students.

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Ideias para uso de QR Code em atividades de aprendizagem

10 Interesting Ways to Integrate QR Codes in Your Lessons
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By Med Kharbach, PhD November 15, 2022 qr code generators, QR code tools
With the advance of mobile technologies, QR Code technologies have immensely increased their educational potential. More teachers and students are using them for a wide variety of educational purposes. After reviewing QR code generators and scanners , in this post I share with you some of the practical ways you can integrate QR codes in your lessons. I also create an infographic version of this post which you can access at the bottom.

Based on the sources I listed at the end of this post, I come up with some helpful suggestions to help you integrate QR Codes in your lessons. These include:

1- Create interactive and engaging content
Use QR codes to link to extra reading materials and resources. For instance if you teach students about climate change, embed QR Codes that link to further resources on the topic such as web pages, videos, audio files, PDFs, documents, etc.

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Onde procurar um recurso digital na web? Basta pesquisar nos sites propostos abaixo e ...

Here Are Some of The Best Teaching Resources Websites
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By Med Kharbach, PhD November 07, 2022 Educational websites for teachers, my freebies
Teachers may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the multitude of resources available online. In fact, it can take a tremendous amount of time to sift through and locate required materials to use in your teaching, a taxing task for the already overburdened teacher.

To this end, and to help teachers make better use of their time and resources I curated for you this collection of educational resources where you can access educational content to use in your own instruction.

From ready-made lesson plans and study guides to practice exercises and EdTech tools, the websites below provide you with the resources you need to enhance your teaching/learning and grow professionally.

1- Khan Academy
Khan Academy provides free educational content in the form of instructional videos and practice exercises covering different subjects including math, chemistry, physics, science, arts, humanities and many more.

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Apps para fazer diagramas de Venn

Best Venn Diagram Makers for Non-designers
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By Med Kharbach, PhD October 02, 2022 Venn diagram makers
A venn diagram is a visual organizer composed of two or more overlapping circles. Venn Diagrams, named after their inventor John Venn, are especially used to contrast or compare a set of elements, ideas, concepts, items, etc with the purpose of drawing out similarities or differences. You can also use Venn diagrams to highlight important points or to outline and draw attention to the interrelatedness of elements.

As a teacher, you can use Venn diagrams to visually represent complex ideas and concepts and enhance students understanding. When creating presentations, Venn diagrams will also help you synthesize

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Um guia para refletir no desenho do PADDE na Escola

Guía para afrontar la transformación digital en tu centro educativo
Analizamos los marcos de referencia en competencia digital vigentes en la actualidad, los actores implicados en el proceso y te damos siete ideas para emprender el camino de la transformación.

Índice de contenidos

Un viaje hacia la transformación digital de nuestros centros educativos
El qué y el porqué de la transformación digital
Marcos de referencia en competencia digital en educación y Plan Digital de CentroMarco Europeo de Organizaciones Educativas Digitalmente Competentes
Marco de referencia de la competencia digital docente
Marco Europeo de Competencias para la Ciudadanía
Dibujando nuestra hoja de ruta: El Plan Digital de Centro
Actores implicados en el proceso de transformaciónLiderazgo del Plan Digital a nivel de centro
Desarrollo de la Competencia Digital Docente
Practicar la escucha activa con las familias
El alumnado como protagonista de la transformación digital
Siete ideas para empezar la transformación digital en tu centro1 Exprime tu dotación tecnológica para extraer su máximo potencial
2 Contagia a tus compañeros en positivo
3 Comparte buenas prácticas digitales en tu centro
4 Involucra y da protagonismo a las familias en digital
5 Abre las puertas de tu aula con videoconferencias
6 Aprovecha las oportunidades de personalización que aportan las tecnologías
7 Aprovecha la versatilidad de la tecnología para fomentar la inclusión
Para ampliar

Un viaje hacia la transformación digital de nuestros centros educativos

Con este post te invitamos a hacer un viaje con la imaginación para vislumbrar como podría darse la transformación digital en tu centro educativo.

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Softwares para transcrever audio para texto escrito

Estas aplicações têm uma utilidade enorme para investigadores. Vale a pena o seu uso.

 Great Speech to Text Apps to Transcribe Audio Recordings
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By Med Kharbach, PhD August 29, 2022 Audio transcription apps, Speech to text apps

In this post I share with you a collection of some of the best audio transcription apps that you and your students can use to easily convert audio recordings to text. These speech to text apps offer a wide range of features that are especially ideal for us in education. Students can use them to record lectures and voice memos and have them automatically transcribed within minutes. Some of these apps even offer real-time transcription. Transcribed text can be edited for accuracy and be shared with others via email or uploaded to other apps.

Audio transcription apps can be used by ESL students to expand their vocabulary and learn English language as it is spoken in context. Students who are deaf or hard of hearing will also find these speech to text apps very helpful. Additionally, those of you who can not stand going through voice memos to remember what is being said or those of you who prefer to read notes instead of listening to recorded audio, these transcription apps are definitely a life-saver.