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5 práticas para fazer aprender - vale a pena pensar em cada uma delas

5 Incredibly Effective Teaching Practices

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As teachers and educators, we are in a constant state of flux. Traditional ways of teaching are taking backstage while new emerging methodologies are thrusted to the forefront. In fact, the educational landscape is changing so fast that it is hard to predict what our classrooms will be like in the near future.

Technology is definitely a key factor in this change but is not the only one, and certainly not the silver bullet of education. External environmental factors also have their say in what is happening in the education sector. Think about the current pandemic and the seismic impact it has on education, an impact whose ripples are still reverberating across the educational spectrum.

Google Meet - Dicas para melhorar o desempenho

Two Helpful Google Meet Tools for Teachers and Educators
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Educatorstechnology 2:40 PM Google Meet

Google Meet is definitely one of the best video conferencing tools to use in your distance education. The education community is increasingly drawing on its communicative power to deliver courses, host meetings and PD sessions, organize online conferences, run virtual classes, and many more. Given its educational potential I have dedicated a whole section featuring resources to help teachers make the best of this platform in their teaching.

After we have seen how to record Google Meet captions and live chat messages, today's post features two equally important extensions that will help you charge your Meet with more practical functionalities:

1- Google Meet Enhancement Suite

Google Meet Enhancement Suite adds over 40 features to Google Meet. These include basic features such as : push to talk (allows you to mute and unmute yourself with a single click), auto join (lets you get directly to the meeting), quick leave (lets you leave meetings with a single click), set background colour, automatically enable captions on calls, auto video off, auto mute, and many more.
As for the pro features they include: auto record, speaker highlight, meeting timer, mirror videos, mute all, do not disturb mode, auto pin chat, auto-full presentation free on presentation, display clock, hotkey editing, dark mode, and many more.

2- Meet Plus for Google Meet

Another key extension that adds more interactive features to Google Meet. Basic features include: drag/resize/restore video tiles, dark modes, show/hide bottom bar, emoji reaction, help request (participants can request help from the meeting host), task management (participants receive tasks from the meeting host), trivia quiz (integrate trivia quiz in meetings), link sharing (participants can share links during meet sessions), meeting timer, stopwatch, and many more.

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Digital tools para 2022

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Learning Tools

Free Resources to Help with Remote Learning in 2022

If you're looking for software and services to augment online and blended instruction, start here.

As the pandemic continues bringing change to higher education through the academic year, faculty, instructional designers and IT professionals are being more selective about the technology they choose for instructing and engaging students. While hundreds of education companies, nonprofits and other organizations made their software and services free during the immediate switch to remote learning, many have become more thoughtful about how they help educators master online and blended instruction. We've sifted through their offerings to bring you this updated set of free resources to help with online, hybrid and face-to-face learning in 2022.

If your organization has a resource that should be added to this list, send a brief message to rkelly@1105media.com with "free resource" in the subject header and include a link to your offer's website.

Adobe has developed a resource hub for education with free templates, links to free software (including Adobe Acrobat, Sign and tools for Google Drive) and videos with instructions for how to use the programs. https://acrobatusers.com/edu-resource-hub/educators/

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Formação de professores e a educação na Finlândia

Uso de tecnologia e de métodos alternativos (como bolas no lugar de cadeiras) é incentivado nas escolas da Finlândia (Foto: Divulgação BBC)

Uso de tecnologia e de métodos alternativos (como bolas no lugar de cadeiras) é incentivado nas escolas da Finlândia (Foto: Divulgação BBC)

sucesso do sistema educacional da Finlândia tem sido objeto de estudo em todo o mundo desde que o país, que já foi um dos mais pobres da Europa, passou a despontar em rankings internacionais de educação, virou referência por conseguir promover ensino de qualidade de forma igualitária em toda a sua rede e, em consequência, viu seu Produto Iinterno Bruto (PIB) per capita se tornar um dos mais altos do mundo. Na semana passada, a Finlândia foi apontada como o país com o maior índice de felicidade do mundo, pelo World Happiness Report.

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Tips para se ser professor ... todos sabemos isto, mas convém lembrar !

10 Teaching Practices for The 21st Century Teacher

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1- Maintain good communication skills
A successful  teacher is one that is able to build a rapport with his /her students, one that can easily connect with his learners and feel their needs as individuals. Open and clear communication is the key to develop a healthy friendly learning atmosphere inside your class.

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A pandemia mudou os hábitos digitais dos nossos estudantes?? ou não?

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Todos ficamos com a sensação que os nossos estudantes e professores se tornaram "mais digitais" à custa da pandemia. Terá sido mesmo assim? E o que restará no fim?

Students Used More Digital Course Materials During Pandemic

hand pushing stack of books into tablet

In 2020-2021, the majority of college students (58 percent) used digital course materials more than in the previous year, according to a survey from the National Association of College Stores (NACS). Just 6 percent of students said they used digital materials less.

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Competências digitais essenciais aos docentes

Depois da pandemia Covid 19 resta pensar o que podemos aproveitar para que os nossos contextos de aprendizagem mudem de forma a melhorar as aprendizagens dos alunos.
Fica esta reflexão... é mais do que tecnologia !

4 Essential Digital Skills for Teachers in 2021

The current pandemic and the havoc it wrecked upon our lives have radically transformed the way we teach and learn. Hybrid (flipped) learning and remote and distance teaching have become the norm. More than ever before teachers and educators are becoming increasingly dependent on the power of digital and web technologies to conduct their daily teaching and to take part in virtual professional development events. With this being the case, I engaged in a deep reflection on the question of what counts as essential digital skills in (post)pandemic era and came up with categories below. In broader terms, these are the skills teachers and educators need to thrive in a digitally-mediated education. I invite you to check them out and share with me your feedback.

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5 razões para usar tecnologias digitais na sala de aula...há mais, mas

It might have been long coming, but one fact is becoming quite clear. Traditional classrooms can no longer keep up with growing technology today. For example, one factor contributing to this trend is the fast-paced development of educational games for kids and online educational games for kids.

Still, many teaching concepts cling to traditional schooling. The opponents of the change point to the possibility that technology in the classroom could promote cheating. Possibly, but the facts that speak about the need to use modern technology in the classroom are more overwhelming.

Current trends and events give ample reasons this change is inevitable. Even before March 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, trends in modern technology showed the positive elements of its use in the classroom.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/2fr56H6rgJk