segunda-feira, julho 22, 2013

10 Simple Tips For Better Teaching With Tablets

by Ravi Bhatt, iAnnotate Software Developer
Teachers can’t escape the growing trend of technology in the classroom.  It’s more than just hype.  More schools are buying tablets for use in the classroom, with Apple’s tablet sales to the education sector doubling last year.
As a mobile software company whose product is used extensively in education, we dream big about the future of technology in the classroom.  We have worked with numerous great teachers who have successfully leveraged tablets to improve the learning experience for students.
Are you tempted to join the trend?  Here are ten tips for introducing tablets into your classroom.
1. Strive For A Mobile-Friendly Curriculum
Ensure curriculum is tablet-friendly. Review your syllabus for the coming semester and identify interactive projects that are a natural fit for an iPad. Conversely, pick a few subjects that are in need of a shake-up, having failed to come alive in a traditional classroom setting. Also, format materials to be easily viewed and used on a tablet. PDFs and Word files work the best for sharing and annotation.