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You Know You’re a Techy Teacher When…

Written by Lisa 3 January 2011 6 Comments
Can you add to this fun list?  Read my thoughts, then add yours below.
1.  You can't remember the last time you printed a classroom document.
2.  Plurking, tweeting, and playing with your wiki in public are acceptable behaviors.
3. Your Notebook isn't spiral bound - it plugs into the wall.
4. Forget the garden...you spend more time on the weekend weeding out your Inbox.
5. You can recite your school's Acceptable Use Policy by heart.
6. On parent/teacher night, instead of exchanging business cards, you Bump.
7. You express yourself with emoticons.
8. You no longer consider it graffiti to write on someone's wall.
9. Your significant other gets jealous of your PLN.
10. It's not creepy to have lots of followers.
11. You're in a constant battle to be Mayor of your school.

12. Your students call you the "cool" teacher.
13. The other teachers are jealous of your Prezi.
14. YouTube is blocked in your school, and you know how to get around it and still use the content.
15. The Tech Department is sick of your constant requests to unblock Twitter.
16. You've Googled your principal.
17.  You know that TweetDeck is not a patio with a lot of birds.
18. You correct your friends' grammar when they text you.
19. Never mind the fruit, you want a real Apple for Christmas.
20. "Casual Fridays" means logging into the EdTech UNconference in your bunny slippers.
21. You wear your "I Heart EdTech" button everywhere you go.
22. You read this blog post then tweet it, like it, and pass it on to a friend!
PS: If you're reading this post, we hope you'll consider joining us inside the EdTech UNconference community - a great place for techy teachers (and those who want to be!) to learn about 21st century technology and using it in the classroom. 
PPS: Let's build this list...please add your own ideas to this list using the comment area below.  Ready... set...get creative!

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