domingo, dezembro 04, 2011

Facebook Is NOT The Largest Online Social Network, Email Still Rules!

Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is NOT the largest social network on the planet. That honor still goes to email.
Think about it, your email contacts are like your Facebook friends, LinkedIncontacts, and Twitter followers all rolled into one. And your inbox is more successful at managing text and multimedia better than the Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, RSS subscriptions and Google+feed combined.
With email, we send more than 188 billion messages every day, where Facebook and Twitter combined only traffic 200 million messages. That means Facebook and Twitter are processing less than 10% of the messages of email servers around the world. Yes 10%…and it’s not like Facebook or Twitter are putting a dent in the growth of email seeing as 2010 saw an almost 20% growth increase since 2009.
There have been recent reports of companies banning email, but unless all of your clients, customers, and investors are willing to give up email, as well, why would you consider giving up one of the most powerful communication tools every created?
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