quinta-feira, janeiro 27, 2011

O Facebook e a Escola

Teaching in a socially networked classroom

Today's students are always plugged in and ready to learn—so why not take advantage of this trend inside the classroom?

By William Kist

Let’s face it: Social networking is here to stay. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter, or the next web application waiting to become a phenomenon, social networking is a part of our students’ lives. The only place where it isn’t usually present is in our classrooms. And yet, how many of us haven’t sensed our students itching to reconnect as soon as class is over? The moment they leave the classroom, the cell phones come out and the air is abuzz with various versions of, “Where are you?” or “What are you doing?”

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Mafalda disse...

A utilização das redes sociais na educação: vantagens e desvantagens. Será uma moda passageira ou, à semelhança da integração das TIC na educação, uma prática que veio para ficar? Gostaria de conhecer exemplos de utilização das redes socias na educação.